Theists say, "You are closer to God."

Buddhists say, "You are further from the distractions of the earthly world."

I say that I am home again whenever I am on a mountain.

Longs Peak
Above is a stock image of Long's Peak, one of the mountains in my own "backyard" which I like to climb. I don't know it as well as I'd like, but at 14,255 feet, it's a big mountain and there's a lot to get to know.

Mountains are an essential part of my existence; my life has always been connected to the high places around me and I've been fortunate enough to have always lived among these serene giants. I grew up literally on the southern slopes of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak, which I came to know as intimately as a close friend. I'd spend my days mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and generally learning the lay of the land... and usually returning well after dark.

Today I live in Colorado, right at the point where the rugged Rocky Mountains rise up suddenly out of the central plains, marking the end of the Midwest. I don't kid myself: I will never know these mountains as well as I knew "my mountain" back home, but for me, that is part of their allure: the subtleties of temperament, the hinted but yet undiscovered sides to their character that continue to surprise me, to challenge, test and impress me.

Over the years, I have enjoyed caving deep underground, sailing on the ocean, scuba diving underneath it, and even flying high above it all; I have tried my hand at these things and have even mastered some aspects, but in the end, it is to the mountains that I always return.

-- Brian Zegarski
A few snapshots...

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Hot brew at 13,281 feet Tea on the summit of Mt Lady Washington.

In the background is the 'Diamond' and Longs Peak summit...

which is where we're headed.


Below: Indian Peaks

Start of an Indian Peaks expedition
Backpacking the Divide, Mt Zirkel Wilderness Left: Backpacking the Divide

Mt Zirkel Wilderness near Steamboat Springs

A July Summit
Thin air at 14,000+ feet A July summit but still mixed snow/ice/rock at 14,000 feet.
Lead Climbing
My Fearless Wife, Amber I lead, my fearless wife, Amber follows.
Amber Summits
Amber on Mt Edwards in Winter (Snowshoes provided by Tubbs)
Grays & Torreys Peaks A very tired Amber:

We just summited the two highest peaks on the North American Continental Divide.


Can you guess what they are?

Graphite Basin near Napoleon Pass ~12,000 feet

Hiking with our friends Roger & Heidi... and Timber.

Roger with Timber
Roger, North Face, Longs Climbing with Roger:

Long's Peak, North Face Route.

Confluence of Yampa & Green Rivers -- a canyon all to ourselves! Camping near Echo Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah


We had the whole canyon to ourselves!

Me on Nightcap
Climbing Partners!

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