Some Workplaces of Recent Years
In 2003, our home

and business was

a 100-year-old

historic mountain

lodge which

we restored.


Here Amber

is doing some work

(modeling work?)

at one of the six

small cabins.

Here, looking less stylish,

I'm relegated to rebuilding

this damn jet pump for the

water system.


I redesigned

the system to use

a submersible pump

to fill a cistern,

and this centrifugal

pump to supply the

pressure tank.

I had to totally

redesign the

pump-house system

and completely

replumbed the

entire lodge,

which had lain

unoccupied and

unheated for a season;

all the pipes had

frozen and burst.

I made this


my carpentry




it's laundry day.

My old office and--now that I look at it--rather messy desk at FujiFilm e-Systems, Boulder.

Great view of the Flatirons... yeah, if you squint at their reflection across the street in the mirrored windows.

(Yeah, I typed one keyboard per hand in those days.)
Long ago:


My lab

at the




and my



Mu-mesons of cosmic ray origin, travelling at relativistic velocities, are striking the scintillation tube and photo-multiplier at far right (in the white yoke). To my left is a rack of calibration electronics, and hidden behind my back is the high-speed discriminator / timer board I designed and built. On the far left is an old TRS-80 I interfaced and programmed to count the momentous events. Guess I was too busy for a hair cut though.

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