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Virtual Images of an Evanescent Reality
It’s a term used in Optics to denote the apparent position of an object that is elsewhere, a projection into space where rays converge upon an apparition, held for the moment by a trick of lens and light, but a thing that is not really there in any tangible sense.

A virtual image is a mere figment of refraction, yet for the purposes of understanding an optical system, it is as real as the object that it represents—a spatial translation of form and solidity. We can argue about the reality of its existence—common sense born of infantine experience tells us that we will not find a little man inside the camera as we view a portrait through the viewfinder—but so long as it functionally serves as the intermediary between reality and perception, it is useful to both the physicist and the photographer.

What do we see when we look at a photograph? Do we see merely an emulsion or an array of pixels, or does our mind leap to make a reality of the virtual image in front of us? Again, common sense would tell us that we are viewing a record of a past event, however brief. (How like the view one sees from the window of a fast-moving car of an action suspended in time and so effectively severed from a past and a future!) In a sense, what the photographer has done is to provide the stimulus for us to create, in the present, our own virtual reality in our mind’s eye.

-- Brian Zegarski
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Categorizing photos, as I have done above, places unnatural limitations on content, or at very least, predisposes the viewer to some preconceived experience in which the nuances of novelty could be lost. In reality, categorical distinctions are difficult to make and one can as easily classify an image in any number of ways. In listing it one way, are we to ignore those attributes that would place it in another category? To do so would perhaps be to ignore a vital piece of the story it has to tell. But such is the necessity when presenting subjective offerings to a public that is so easily offended by nudity in art. That is why I have devised a secure, multi-level, password access feature to expose only certain areas to the appropriate viewers. Nothing would please me more than to open access to everyone who passes by my site, but in the interests of decorum, I restrict access; sensationalism is not my intent.

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