Professional Résumé of
Boulder, CO  80304


July 2008 - Present                  Software Development & Consulting,

                                                DBA Reagent Consulting;

                                                Boulder, CO 


Independent contract work for various clients. Wide-ranging projects have encompassed web development, small systems integration, custom desktop application programming and database design. Developed a reporting/tracking system for international shipping; websites for a retail company and a non-profit; an integrated bookkeeping set-up for an animal shelter; and password management and security features for a Linux/Apache-hosted website. Investigated a series of malicious attacks on an e-commerce website; identified the hacker, alerted Google of the exploitation of their Adware and worked with my client’s web development firm to patch the vulnerability along with others I had discovered in my investigations.

C++, C#, PHP, Java, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Dec 2007 - July 2008              Software Engineer,

                                                Polycom / EDP Recruiting;

                                                Westminster, CO 


Contract software engineering for Polycom, a worldwide leader in unified communications and collaboration solutions. As a member of their SE200 ReadiManager team, working in an Agile/Scrum environment on their premier CMA 5000 video conferencing project, I developed code in C#, C++ and Java-J2EE.

My most recent assignment has been to build a directory name server to be featured as a global address book of video conference users within large corporate infrastructures maintaining an X.500 directory service such as LDAP. This has involved teaming-up with a senior developer and engineering a Java server bean running in JBoss to interface with an alpha version of Apache Directory Services and provide search information from a SQL database (through JDBC) and Microsoft Active Directory (via JNDI) to H.350 LDAP clients.

Earlier tasks—C# and C++ work—centered around delivering software updates and provisioning communications data to networked video conference appliances. I worked within complex, remote debugging environments involving Windows services, .NET Remoting, custom-modified JBoss, Apache and ApacheDS servers and Flex web clients.


C++, C# / .NET, Java / J2EE, JNDI, T-SQL, Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, LDAP Studio, AD Studio, Ant, JUnit, ApacheDS, JBoss, Jira, Hudson, Scrumworks, SVN / Tortoise

Apr 2007                                 Senior Software Engineer,

                                                IHS Corporation / ISYS Technologies;

                                                Westminster & Englewood, CO 


Contract software engineering for IHS, a leading global provider of critical technical information, decision-support tools, and related services to customers in the energy, defense, aerospace, construction, electronics, and automotive industries. I was involved in their Enerdeq project, a flexible data access and integration platform, based on a service-oriented architecture employing the open source GOLD (Grammar-Oriented Language Developer) parser. My task was the design and development of a C# application to gather SQL Server metadata across a vast data model comprised of diverse attributes representing niche-specific categories. This application is being used in an on-going project to export data from the existing schema and import it in a form supported by the next Enerdeq Browser release.


C#, .NET, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio .NET, Team Foundation Server

Feb 2005 - Oct 2006              Software Developer,

                                                IBM Corporation / Triad Consultants;

                                                Boulder, CO 


Contract software development work for IBM: Member of a team of three developers working to rewrite IBM's Scoper application and port from VB6 to C#/VB.NET. Part of IBM Global Services, the Solution Advisor project provides the tool that IBM uses to price out all complex Strategic Outsourcing engagements, world-wide. My responsibilities involved architecting a multi-threaded framework, devising an external queuing protocol, and building a base application that the other team members would use to develop a GUI. I also took the initiative to create a communications simulator test bench, demo apps for executive meetings, and an exhaustive exceptions processing scheme to facilitate the integration of a DLL provided by a separate IBM project team. Extensive work in C#/.NET, COM-based multi-threading, processing priority, and client/server architecture using ActiveX executables. Conducted several demo sessions before global IBM management executives.


C#, VB.NET, VS.NET, VB 6, SQL, DB2, Lotus Notes

Apr 2003 - Sept 2004             Contract Consultant/Programmer,

                                                Evergreen Technical Services, dba XtalTek;

                                                Evergreen, CO 


Contract work for a materials analysis start-up company involved in Phase Identification Crystallography employing Fresnel zone plates—application integration and custom solutions for day-to-day technical and business operations:


·      Work initially involved transitioning from PCLatticePatch software to DataSqueeze which necessitated a conversion of existing data files. For this, I created a C++ utility to convert raw text to Bruker data format.

·       Wrote a VB application to extract maxima/minima statistics from these files and output to an Excel spreadsheet.

·       Devised a scheme for posting analytical results to the web using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript/DHTML. Created a web page for displaying results to individual user accounts.

·       Automated user requests into workflow by adding submit pages that queued to appropriate technician e-mail accounts.


Visual C++ 6, MFC, VB 6, VBA for MS Office, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP4, MySQL, Various proprietary software packages


Jan 2001  - Apr 2003              Software Developer,

                                                FujiFilm e-Systems,

                                                Department of Native Development;

                                                Boulder, CO


Member of FujiFilm’s 6-developer, Boulder R&D annex of the Rochester, NY-based Imaging & Information Division.  Designed and developed commercial and consumer applications relating to digital image processing and manipulation, photo-finishing, order fulfillment and asset storage and distribution for one of the world leaders in photo-imaging technology. Left employment when Boulder R&D office was permanently closed due to budgetary constraints.


Prominent accomplishments: 

·         I was the architect and developer of the customizable installation management application that is shipped with all FujiFilm-processed photoCD orders.  This application manages the installation and updating of image viewer and editing software and components.  Features a “user-drawn” graphic interface which FujiFilm has branded for such clients as Walmart, Sams Club, and Ritz Camera

·         Prior to this, I devised and implemented numerous improvements (C++) to Simon, our proprietary script engine which handles all of FujiFilm’s photo-finishing process automation.  I also devised an internet browser in the form of a scriptable object that can be added to Fuji’s graphical, flow-control interfaces through a simple drag-and-drop process.

·         As a member of a C++ development team, successfully met an extremely tight deadline to deliver a scriptable consumer photo kiosk to the 2002 Photo Marketing Association trade show.  I was responsible for the configurable aspects, whereby the kiosk’s appearance and functionality could be set-up by means of an applet I also developed.  Meeting the deadline required a push of 80-hour work weeks that included weekends.

·         Most recently, co-designed/developed a drag-and-drop tool enabling photo studios to create layout templates to be used in conjunction with our script engine in producing album pages, greeting cards, multi-print layouts, etc.  The tool’s components will eventually serve as the basis for FujiFilm’s native application GUIs, company-wide.

·         Devised a scheme and wrote utilities for automatically tagging FujiFilm’s release executables with build information.  Although nearly transparent to the app builder, the system provides field technicians a means of identifying patches and releases.


VC++ 6, MFC, Win32 API, InetSDK, ATL, macro assembler, Borland C++, Win2K/XP, UML

Sept 1998 - Jan 2001               Senior Visual Basic Developer,

                                                Applied Graphics Technologies;

                                                Digital Imaging Systems Division;

                                                Boulder, CO 


Designed and developed applications for the country’s largest provider of outsourced digital media asset management.  Initially hired to create AGT’s Digital Link Gateway custom ActiveX components that permit users to annotate digital assets, I took the initiative to design and develop a fully configurable system whereby installers and users could set up and modify their own annotation schemas and UIs without the need for costly custom programming.  Owing to its flexibility in permitting complex interrelations between fields, linked files, custom controls, and security clearances, my design drew the attention of major clients and is currently in use at Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Disney/Pixar, General Motors, Sears, Franklin-Templeton, National Basketball Association, Pittsburgh Post, ImageLink (Japan) among others.


Other projects included:

·         Genie, a consumer-operated kiosk-style photo-finishing order system I constructed in VB using the company’s existing COM objects, ActiveX controls and function DLLs;

·         Vader, an order fulfillment system I helped develop for client, FujiFilm, which allows users at retail stores to place film processing orders and permits processing labs to track, modify and complete orders.  I also designed and constructed the components to track and maintain customer information through a relational database.

·         Proteus, a configurable web-based, digital image brokerage solution which I co-architected/developed initially for  The drag-and-drop configuration app I developed so simplified the creation of custom websites that the project was expanded to encompass consumer photo-finishing and fulfillment, including all the necessary tools to crop, rotate and adjust images as well as place orders.

·         A COM object deployed in IIS to provide file system and registry read/write support for ASP scripts.  Supported file types included xml, css, ini, log, txt & asp include files.


VB6, Visual Studio 6, Visual InterDev, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, HTML/DHTML, ASP, PHP, IIS 4, Java 2, OLEDB, ADO, DAO, SQL Server 7, MySQL, OLE, COM, XML




Feb 1998 - July 1998               Software Engineer,

                                                TechniStar Corporation;

                                                Longmont, CO 


Co-Developed a robotic workcell controller system for an engineering firm that specializes in automation solutions for manufacturing. Major project involved migration of old code from QNX Unix to NT.  Achieved dramatic improvements in performance, efficiency, data tracking capabilities, code readability and scalability to accommodate automated process optimization.  Involved a complete re-write from C to VB.  Additional projects included enhancements to an existing user interface coded in V+, and design/development of calibration software and procedures for newly implemented vision inspection/discrimination system.


VB5, ActiveX, Win32 API, Win95/98/NT4, DDE, DAO, SQL, ODBC, Access 8, SPC, serial com, V+, computer vision: DVT & Adept, 4-axis Adept SCARA robots, conveyors, belt tracking, encoders, ladder logic, OOP

1992 - 1998                             Software Developer,

                                                Springer-Miller Systems;

                                                Stowe, VT


Developed software for an ISO 9000, IBM business partner--an industry leader in property management systems for destination resorts.             Work included all aspects of development:  from initial design conceptualization, development of specifications, estimation & xBase coding; to documentation, preparation of testing scripts and training of support personnel.  Some long-term on-site work.  High level of customer contact.  Developed a Lost Business tracking module; a Gift Certificate sales/tracking system which interfaced with Reservations, Point-of-Sale, Sales & Catering and Correspondence; a Sales & Marketing module, zip code/city/state look-up features; a Correspondence system for guests, travel agents, etc; an improved managers' data processing system which cut 3 hrs from end-of-day procedure; an on-line help system; printer control functions in addition to numerous other enhancements, fixes & reports.


Relational database design, FoxPro, Recital, FoxBASE+, dBase, Clipper, Bar-coding, PCL5, AIX Unix, RS6000, DOS, Novell, PVCS, serial com.




1988 - 1992                             TVRO Technician and Installer,

                                                HSE Satellite Systems;

                                                Waterbury Center, VT 


Worked with complex electronic and mechanical systems for high-end consumer market.  Installation, trouble-shooting, field repair and maintenance of satellite TVRO, decryption, data downlink, and multimedia equipment; home and commercial applications.         


General Instrument, Ameritel and Sony decoders; SCPC audio; 4 and 12 GHz Low Noise Amps; down converters, block converters; multiplexing and signal distribution; TI filters; linear and circular polarized, diode, servo, H/V, dual-band and dual feeds; load positioners, Az/El and polar mounts; fiber glass, aluminum and mesh reflectors.




1985 - 1988                             Graduate Teaching Assistant, Physics

                                                University of Connecticut; Storrs, CT


Lectured, prepared and conducted physics labs for Junior-year Engineering students.  (Classical Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Optics, Thermodynamics.)  Assisted professors in original scientific research projects. Able to verbally communicate difficult concepts and teach an abstract discipline. 



In addition, I have held various contract teaching/tutorial positions:

Private instructor:  Advanced Microcomputer Topics, Lamoille County School District.
Teaching assistant at University of Vermont, "Introduction to Relativistic and Quantum Physics".
Private tutor for 2nd and 3rd year Latin students.
College preparatory tutor in Algebra and Trigonometry.
Substitute teacher at Stowe High School:  Math, English, Latin, Sciences.



C#/.NET_3yrs, C++_7yrs, MFC_7yrs, T-SQL_4yr, MySQL_2yr, Java/J2EE_1yr, VB_9yrs, COM/ActiveX_8yrs, ADO/DAO_9yrs, FoxPro/Recital_6yrs, JavaScript_5yrs, VBscript_6yrs, XML_3yrs, SOAP_1yr, HTML/DHTML/XHTML_8yrs, ASP_2yrs, IIS_2yrs, Unix/AIX_4yrs, Win32API_8yrs, OOD/OOP/DesignPatterns_9yrs, UML_2yrs, BourneShellScripting_1yr, VSS_9yrs, Subversion_7mo, LDAP/ActiveDirectory/H350_7mo, Agile/Scrum_3yrs, LAMP/PHP_3yrs.



Aspect Oriented Programming; Grady Booch; IBM, Boulder 2004
MFC Fundamentals; Batky-Howell; Boulder 2001
Mastering Web Site Fundamentals; Microsoft/New Horizons, Broomfield 1999
Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming with C++; CU, Boulder 1999
SQL Server 7.0 Microsoft seminar; Boulder 1999
Visual Basic; Microsoft Certification, Rockwell Automation, Denver 1998
V+ for Applications; Adept training and certification, Cincinnati 1998
FoxPro for Developers; training and certification, Boston 1996
Introduction to Unix Systems Administration, Burlington, VT 1993
Wave Guides & Microwave Block Down-Conversion, seminars, Washington DC 1992
Graduate School, University of Connecticut, Storrs:   Ph.D. Physics, not completed 1988
Graduate Univ. of Vermont, Burlington: B.S. Physics; VT Scholar & 4-yr Travelli Scholar 1985



"Determination of Mean Lifetime of the Mu-meson."  Designed and constructed parallel interface, digital control card and software for the scintillation-detection and computer-discriminated timing of 2.1 microsecond decay events of relativistic-velocity, cosmic ray muons.


"Compensating for Biomechanical Periodic Noise in Thermo-Acoustic Sensing."  Designed and constructed monitoring peripheral to feed data to PDP-11 mainframe for Fourier analysis.  Non-invasive, thermo-acoustic imaging of lobular and ductal carcinoma.


"Pyrolytic Synthesis of Water Gas from a Renewable Resource." Devised a method of producing a clean-burning, renewable fuel gas. Paper submitted to the Science and Humanities Symposium at the University of New Hampshire.


"The Effects of Simulated Weightlessness upon Hydroponic Plant Life Development."  Paper on an apparatus I devised for investigating disorientated meristematic development.  Science and Humanities Symposium jury finalist, University of New Hampshire.




References available upon request.