Here are a few pieces of jewelry which I fashioned roughly in the Medieval style. Three items are rather more fantastic but nonetheless medieval-inspired, so I have included them here.
This is a pair of signet rings which are used to stamp unique impressions in wax, typically to seal a letter so that any tampering would be immediately apparent. The escutcheon is the SCA-registered blazon of my alter ego's heraldic device, "per chevron inverted, gules and or; three cartwheels, one and three counter-changed."
The spider ornament is decidedly non-medieval, but was made for a specific purpose.
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See below for the "rebus inscription" of this ring.
(Both inscriptions are in Latin.)
The three cartwheels are the heraldic device of my SCA persona, Paval Kolodziej (which anglicized would be pronounced "Kologie"). I created a Latin motto for my alter ego, but it is a rebus motto; I carefully chose the Latin words so that they actually spell out the name "Kologie" (or hypothetically "Cologi" in Latin):
where the inscription forms a continuous band, joined at the "..." ellipsis, around the inside of the ring's circumference so that the final word "dogmata" shares its final letter with the first letter of the first word, "Agnosco". (The OG of "logica" is also shared by "dogmata".) I.e.:

AgnosCO LOGIca supra dogmatA(m)

I acknowledge logic over dogma.

Some Chain Mail Jewelry
One is a rather "fantasy medieval" necklace with earrings, the other is a more contemporary looking torque...
Above: necklace of German silver and baroque seed pearls. 4-on-1 mail and a 6-on-1 twisted chain with engraved closure. (Click on the above image to see it modeled.)

Top Right & Right: torque of 6-on-1 mail tube with engraved bayonnet closure and dedication in Latin.

Lower Right: Earrings to match the seed pearl necklace. Can be worn with or without the chain mail and pearl dangly bits.

Copyright © 2004 - 2011 Brian Zegarski, all rights reserved.

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