The Little Book of St. Lascivius
A Variety of Fun Art Objects
Here are several objects that I made to look like medieval artifacts. Many are in fact anachronistic in subtle ways, but therein lies the humor.

Please be patient with the last remaining dead-end link: I will finish and post these pages as time permits.

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Libellus Sancti Lascivii The Little Book of St. Lascivius
Writing Tablet Before Pencil and Paper...
3 Drinking Horns One is a 'Reliquary Rhyton'
Medieval Wayfarer's Kit A Vademecum for the Open Road
Périnôc Game Board My Game Based on Chess & Shogi
Jewelry Signet Rings and the Like
Bag Dragon A Cornemuse for Truant Troubadours
Ersatz Ancestors -- soon! Portraits of Patriarchs that Never Were

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